On the fence about sending your preschooler to manners camp? Here are some FAQs that might help.

Is Miss Mabel's just for girls?

Absolutely not! It is designed for every inquisitive, wiggly, silly child.  As of today, we have more boys than girls signed up.

Is it a drop off camp?

That is entirely up to you. We will love your babies like we love our own. Feel free to run an errand or if you prefer, relax and wait for your child.

How can I register?

You can message us and we will hold your slot.  Then print and mail or email the registration form found on www.missmabelsmanners.com.  You can pay via paypal (link on registration page) or mail a check with your registration form.

Who is Mabel?

You might not be familiar with Mabel but I bet your grandmother just might remember her. A favorite rhyme of that generation was, Mable, Mabel, if you're able take your elbows off the table! We were inspired to bring Mabel to life for our campers. Mabel will be our special guest all week and your children will have the task of helping her get ready for a very important party. They will have their work cut out for them because Mabel is quite rude in the funniest ways.

Who are you?

Susie Fortner is a wedding planner with years of training and experience in etiquette. Cate DeFiore has a passion for education and feels very fortunate to have a career as a preschool teacher. Our official bios can be found here, http://www.missmabelsmanners.com/about-us.html. The imortant thing to know is that we are busy raising our own preschoolers so we are very familiar with this age group. Together we want to give your children an unforgettable week of fun while learning all about good manners. Our babies will be right there learning beside yours.

What will my child get from this? 

Lots of happy memories and a solid foundation of good manners. Each child will receive a placemat or thank you notes and a diploma.